Here you will find an overview of our numerous services.


  • As the exclusive commercial partner of the company Biochrom Ltd. we sell organic chromium amino acid analyzers, the accessories, the consumables and spare parts in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries and some in Eastern European countries.


  • A well thought-out logistics system and a fully stocked warehouse in Germany guarantee a fast delivery of all consumables, spare parts and accessories.


  • For older Eppendorf-Biotronik amino acid analyzers LC 3000 we also stock necessary consumables, spare parts and accessories, which we sell to all users worldwide.



  • We offer a free support in issues concerning the application and development of methods in our own laboratory or on-site.


  • Consultations on site, by phone, by E-Mail or fax by experienced employees for our customers free of charge.



  • We offer our clients an up to twice a year a 2-day amino acids user seminar on training in operation and maintenance of organic chromium amino acid analyzers.


  • The seminars are divided into a theoretical and a practical part.


  • Die Seminare finden in kleinen Gruppen bis zu 8 Teilnehmer an geeigneten Seminarorten statt.


  • Current dates are published here also our website and can be sent to if necessary. The delivery of this information requires a Declaration of consent.


Service and maintenance

  • Our highly trained and certified service team guarantees a fast, effective, and affordable service locally and in our home.


  • Our offer includes also the implementation of preventive maintenance according to a set of service specifications.


  • Wir bieten ebenfalls individuelle Wartungs- und Serviceverträge an.


  • Thanks to comprehensive, technical supplies, our response times are far less than 72 hours.


  • Our team is always available and the first point of contact for technical and applicative problems.


  • Click here to download of a detailed listing of our maintenance and service contracts.


Quality management

  • Our company is certified according to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards.


  • Our employees are trained and certified by the manufacturer to carry out installation and operation qualification.


  • For more detailed information about the installation and operation qualification (IQOQ) click here .