Why a Biochrom 30 Plus?

For the determination of amino acids many chromatography procedures are in recent decades have been described and also marketed, that should be faster and with more flexible devices, as it was possible with the classic amino acid analyzers. 

All these procedures show method-specific weaknesses and deliver the reliable results as necessary in the routine application. Are amino acids accurately, reliably and independently by the respective sample matrix be determined, so offers not only for the traditional use areas such as food and feed monitoring, pharmaceutical applications and the clinical area - still the procedure with post column reaction, Ninhydrinreagenz and photometric detection at. 

This method is proven not only for decades and still necessary in routine laboratories, but written in various official guidelines for the analysis of amino acids. Laboratory Onken GmbH has made the task to provide its decades of experience in the field of classical amino acid analysis to users of the amino acid analysis.

Lithium chemistry for physiological analysis and the Biochrom 30Plus is IVD certified.
Thus, it is the only amino acid analyser
may be used according to the IVD guidelines
PKU-and MSUD analysis for clinical diagnostic purposes.

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Biochrom 30Plus amino acid Analyzer is a designed for routine analysis, specifically PC controlled chromatography system for fast, accurate and reliable routine analysis of amino acids in the clinical and pharmaceutical sectors, for the living Feed industry, proteomics and other applications.

He is based on the proven and in official/official analytical methods of prescribed Ninhydrindetektion and is the technical highlight of over 30 years of experience in this field. The consistent use of inert materials like PEEK and ceramic, and ion-exchange columns adapted to the respective application, Elution buffer and reagents, provide a reliable analysis and ensure the long life of use.

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  • Double piston pump with active piston backflushing for buffers and reagents. 
  • In 6 levels programmable buffer gradient. 
  • Inert gas supply for reagent and buffer. 
  • Vent valves and Blasenfallen for reagent and buffer pump. 
  • Programmable temperature gradient for the column. Post column reactor with automatic irrigation system. 
  • 2 - wavelength Spectrophotometric flow cell (440/570 nm).

Explanation video for a classic amino acid analysis on the Biochrom 30Plus

The autosampler

Variable HPLC injection system with temperature control of samples. Model: Alias. Variable injection volume from 1 to 200 µl of standard. Freely programmable for each sample. Partial loop fill with less than 20 µl sample loss. Microlitre-pick-up mode without sample loss by additional transport liquid. Flushed-loop mode for the injection of the total sample volume. Supplied standard sample loop of 200 µl. Other sample loops for example 20, 50 and up to 5000 µl available as an option.

The PC system

Due to the different requirements of our offered evaluation software, we have multiple PC systems offer:

Our Windows 7 system:  

Ein Intel Core i5 Prozessor, eine 1TB Festplatte, DVD-Brenner zur Datensicherung, 4GB RAM,  24Zoll LCD-Widescreen Bildschirm, Tastatur, Maus und das Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Betriebssystem in 32-Bit

Unser Windows 10 System (nur mit OpenLab™ EZChrom Edition): 

An Intel Core i5 processor, a 1 TB hard drive, DVD burner to backup, 4 GB RAM, 24-inch LCD widescreen monitor, keyboard, mouse and the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system in 64-bit.  

Please note that due to the ever-growing PC market this data at any time can change.