About Us

Originally, after the Biotronik Department at the location main Valley by today's Eppendorf AG, a service company by Mr Jann Onken - the former Service Director of the Biotronik scientific instruments GmbH - founded in 1997, has become the laboratory service Onken GmbH today developed into the leading provider of equipment, consumables and services in the field of analysis of amino acid in the German-speaking countries. 

Except for the worldwide support of the Biotronik and of organic chromium amino acid analysers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer German-speaking users with organic chrome 30Plus one of the most advanced amino acid analyzers, currently worldwide is available.

Seit der Zusammenarbeit mit Biochrom Ltd. beliefern wir über 90% des deutschsprachigen Marktes mit unseren Artikeln und Leistungen. Weltweit betreuen wir über 450 Aminosäureanalysatoren.

Jann Onken

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, with 35 years of experience in technology and marketing of amino acid analyzers.

Phone: 06058/1445

Mobil: 0171/5462724

Email: jann.onken@laborservice-onken.de

Helmut Bredehöft

Co-partner and field staff

Partner since 2000 with also over 30 years of experience in service and support of the amino acid analysis. Service and sales mainly in the North of Germany.

Phone: 06058/1445

Mobil: 0175/4127679

Email: helmut.bredehoeft@laborservice-onken.de

Timo Jaap

Service engineer

Our most experienced service engineer in the team, with 15 years of experience as a service engineer. His focus is Eastern and southern Germany, as well as the Switzerland and Austria.

Mobil: +49 (0)160 96 42 75 62

Email: timo.jaap@laborservice-onken.de

Jens Onken

Service engineer

Since October 2017 for us and thus our youngest service engineer. Worked with us in the House for the in house repairs, the final test and the qualification of new and worked on devices, as well as for repairs and maintenance in the field directly at your site.

Phone: 06058/1445

Mobil: 0151/28323051

Email: jens.onken@laborservice-onken.de

Dr. Timo Gutermuth

Service engineer and research associate

Our researcher for new and further development, and application. Also worked as service engineer in Central and southern Germany, of Switzerland and Austria.

Phone: 06058/1445

Mobil: 0171/1050911

Email: timo.gutermuth@laborservice-onken.de

Monika Degenhof


Associate with us for more than 15 years and is responsible for accounting, telephone, Auftragsabwickung. Here is your order is in good hands.

Phone: 06058/1445

Email: monika.degenhof@laborservice-onken.de

Jürgen Heß

Warehousing and shipping

Our newest staff member. Responsible for the storage and shipping their goods. Through him, their orders arrive quickly and safely with them.

Phone: 06058/1445

Email: juergen.hess@laborservice-onken.de

Lars Onken

Quality Manager, specialist for computer and laboratory

Since 3 years staff in our applications laboratory, responsible for your columns for our data processing and quality assurance.

Phone: 06058/9178273

Email: lars.onken@laborservice-onken.de