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Biochrom 30Plus

The Biochrom 30Plus amino acid Analyzer, the latest in a long series of analyzers, meets all modern requirements for the classical amino acid analysis.

Physiological amino acids

A significant and complex task in the clinical field is studies of metabolic disorders with more than 42 clinically significant amino acids and their derivatives.

Hydrolysed amino acids

Quality control in the pharmaceutical industry

Fast and reliable quality control in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, and in the manufacture of infusion solutions.


The autosampler

Variable HPLC injection system with temperature control of samples. Model: Alias. Variable injection volume from 1 to 200 µl of standard. Freely programmable for each sample. Partial loop fill with less than 20 µl sample loss. Microlitre-pick-up mode without sample loss by additional transport liquid. Flushed-loop mode for the injection of the total sample volume. Supplied standard sample loop of 200 µl. Other sample loops for example 20, 50 and up to 5000 µl available as an option.


We carry spare parts and consumables for Eppendorf/Biotronik and Biochrom analyzers. Users logged-in can find various spare parts and consumables in our Online-Shop.

Separation and guard column, finished buffer and reagent

Our prefabricated eluate are adapted to the different applications. More information about columns, buffers, and reagents are in our Download area available.