Calibration and control standards


As with almost all chromatographic analysis methods, calibration standards are required for quantitative analysis and the clear identification of the sample components for comparison measurements. We offer a number of different standard solutions for amino acid analysis, which can be used immediately after a simple, specified dilution. These standards, each with a content of 5 ml and a concentration of 1.0 to 2.5 µmol / ml, are simply diluted to the desired concentration with a sample buffer and can be used immediately. A combination of different standards is also possible. Delivery takes place at room temperature and storage before and after transport at -15 ° C. A lot-specific data sheet is enclosed with each standard.


In order to additionally check the quality of the analyses and the analyser, for the clinical use we offer control plasma in different concentration levels.


Physiological standard

The 35 most important free amino acids for metabolic analysis and applications in animal physiology, as well as food and fruit juice analysis. This standard is also very well suited for the determination of foreign amino acids in the production of pure amino acids or amino acid mixtures.

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Physiological supplement

5 additional free amino acids for extended use in the physiological area for the clear determination of Sarcosine, Homocytine, Ethanolamine, Hydroxylysine and Anserine. This solution can be mixed with the physiological standard.

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Feed hydrolysate standard

23 amino acids that typically remain as free amino acids after the oxidized hydrolysis of feed and food and can be quantified using this standard.

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Hydrolysate standard

18 amino acids for the quantitative determination of free amino acids from protein hydrolysates.


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Collage standard

20 amino acids for the quantitative determination of free amino acids from collagen hydrolysates. Typical for this are the additional amino acids Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine.

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Internal standard Norleucine

A chiral amino acid that is most often used as a standard substance for the internal calibration method and which we use in almost all applications.

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Further individual standards

For special analytical tasks, we offer individual standards with one single amino acids for adding to all our standards. We offer e.g. allo-Isoleucine, Arginine Succinic acid and Cysthationine for clinical applications and Tryptophan for applications in the feed sector.

Datasheet German Tryptophan

Datasheet English Tryptophan

Datasheet German Cysthationin

Datasheet English Cysthationin

Datasheet German allo-Isoleucin

Datasheet English allo-Isoleucin

Datasheet German Arginine Succinic

Datasheet English Arginine Succinic


Control plasma

ClinChek® - Control from Recipe. Ready-to-use, lyophilized controls based on human plasma with target values in the normal and pathological range, available in 2 different concentration levels.

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Customized solutions

If an amino acid of interest to you is not listed here, we can produce a customer-specific standard with one single or multiple amino acids. Please use our contact form for relevant inquiries. Contact Form.