Biochrom 30Plus
For the determination of amino acids, many chromatographic methods have been described and marketed in recent decades, which should be faster and with more flexible equipment feasible, as was possible with the classical amino acid analyzers. All of these methods show method-dependent weaknesses and do not provide the reliable results necessary in routine use. If amino acids are to be determined accurately, reliably and largely independently of the respective sample matrix, then the method with post-column reaction, ninhydrin reagent and photometric detection is still the option - not only for the classical areas of use such as food and feed monitoring, pharmaceutical applications and the clinical area at. This method has not only been proven for decades and remains necessary in routine laboratories, but also prescribed in various official guidelines for the analysis of amino acids. Laborservice Onken GmbH has set itself the task of providing the users of amino acid analysis with its decades of experience in the field of classical amino acid analysis.

The Biochrom 30Plus Amino Acid Analyzer, the latest in a long line of analyzers, meets all modern requirements for classical amino acid analysis.

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