Physiological amino acids  

Investigations of metabolic disorders with more than 42 clinically significant amino acids and their derivatives is an essential and complex clinical task. Clinical diagnoses and monitoring of congenital metabolic disorders requires a reliable analysis system that provides clear and fast results. The Biochrom 30Plus is the newest classical amino acid analyzer used in many reference laboratories, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The device enables users to clearly identify and accurately quantify amino acids and their derivatives in complex physiological samples for both in vitro diagnostics and research. The Biochrom 30Plus is able to detect up to 56 physiological amino acids, their derivatives and other compounds in biological fluids. This includes rare amino acids, such as alloisoleucine, sulfocysteine ​​and arginine succinic acid. It is not only an exact determination of amino acids based on the stable retention times (Cv. <0.5%) possible, but also a safe and accurate quantification. This provides a high level of certainty in the diagnosis of various metabolic disorders and in the correct treatment of patients.

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